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Ghajini 2008 - Hindi Movie Download - DVD Rip
Ghajini 2008 - New Hindi Movie Download - DVD Rip

Directed by A. R. Murugadoss
Produced by Allu Aravind
Written by A. R. Murugadoss

Starring: Aamir Khan
Asin Thottumkal
Jiah Khan
Pradeep Rawat
Riyaz Khan

Music by A.R. Rahman
Cinematography Ravi K. Chandran
Distributed by Studio 18
Release date(s) December 25, 2008
Running time 181 mins
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget $9,000,000
Gross revenue $40,000,000

Ghajini Review:
The film begins with some medical students learning about the brain, as part of some college work a medical student called Sunita picks up the file of Sanjay Singhania and ask to do her report on him. When she is refused the case study she ask for more information about the case; her tutor explains to her that Mr Singhania suffers from anterograde amnesia and that his Short-term memory only last 15 minutes.
Sanjay is then shown murdering a man with a pipe, and after wards taking a Polaroid picture, adding the caption "Done", the police arrive at the scene and start their investigations. Sanjay then goes home and where he has a large collection of photos, notes, maps and sticky labels organized in a room at the back of his flat. The sticky notes remind to perform tasks and label where the items he carries are to be stored, for example he has a drawer labelled "camera", a tub labelled "cell phone" he also has photos of people and places he deems important.
When Sanjay wakes up having forgotten everything, he goes to the bathroom where a label instructs him to remove his shirt; following the order the tattoos on his body are revealed. Most are backwards with the most predominate reading "Kalpana was Killed", the he starts to read other labels which instruct him to look at the photos and notes and he becomes enraged and start training furiously. Meanwhile one of the Detectives manages to track down his residence using a bus ticket found at the scene of the previous murder. He gains entry to Sanjay's flat and attempts to apprehend him by using force and manages to tie him to chair, he then searches the flat for details. He finds a 2005 diary with the "Air Voice" logo emblazoned on it and begins to read it.
The diary tells of how Sanjay comes back to India from the US to take over the family mobile phone business and fulfil his fatherís wishes of being the number 1 mobile company in India. Meanwhile the viewer also sees the day to day happening of a small time model receiving only background shots in TV adds. Whilst surveying sites for bill boards Sanjay see that a particular house would be ideal and sends his personal assistant to purchase the house from said model, Kalpana, she refuses to sell the house, however the rest of the cast and crew of the agency where she works is eavesdropping but miss hear parts of the conversation and assume that is a love affair her and Sanjay. The director forces Kalpana to contact Sanjay's office and she start pretending to speak to someone even after the phone was put down on her.
A reporter from a magazine comes and Kalpana starts fabricating a story about how her and Sanjay fell in love, the story is published and when Sanjay see its he demands to know who and why has reported it. He makes his way to Kalpana's house and whilst at some traffic lights sees a lady get down from a scooter to help some disabled children cross a large drain to get into a museum, Sanjay looks on in admiration. When he gets to Kalpana's house he realises that the person who helped the children and the person telling the fake story are infact Kalpana. He does not reveal who he is but she tells him about how she and Sanjay fell in love. She mistakes his name as Sachin but he doesn't correct her, he gives her his number and tells him she will find him work.
Kalpana contacts Sachin (Sanjay) and gets him work in an underwear ad, the two start to become friends and are shown to be getting more friendly with each other, while all the time Sanjay keeps making mistakes and showing that he is not familiar with regular city life. Sanjay eventually falls in love with Kalpana's after viewing how kind she is towards other people when she helps a blind man find the bus stop. After a New Years party Sanjay, still pretending to be Sachin, asks her to marry him, she says that she will tell him tomorrow. As an internal thought the viewer hears how if she says yes Sanjay will revels to her his true identity and if she says no he will leave her life.
This was the last entry in the 2005 diary, as the detective finds the 2006 diary, Sanjay breaks free from his bonds and start a fight with the detective, Sanjay is shown to have beaten the detective, then the clock starts to beep and he looks up and sees a leaflet stating the star guest at a college show is in fact someone called Ghajini. Sanjay makes his way to the college and bumps into the same medical student who wanted to do her project on him.
Recognising him she tries to talk to him and asks him to take 2 pictures of her and write "My Friend" on them so he will know her in the future, he then leaves taking one photo, as the show is about to start Ghajini appears and Sanjay takes a Polaroid of him and labels it "Ghajini 10/06/08", he then waits in the car park and phone Ghajini using a number he stole from the mobile of the man he murdered. A member of Ghajini's gang appears and Sanjay beats him up, the rest of the gang appears firing guns and Sanjay makes his escape. Before the gangster dies he tells the gang that Ghajini was the target not him.
Ghajini, fearful, goes out and kills all his gangster enemies, but is still feeling paranoid, meanwhile Sunita tracks down Sanjay's flat finds the door to be open and enters see the maps and photos along with the writing on the wall "GHAJINI!?", "REVENGE" and "KILL HIM" she sees Sanjay's photo of Ghajini and opens a cupboard door and finds the tied up detective, freeing him he tells her to run away and that Sanjay is a murderer. Sanjay appears in the other room and the detective bolts out the room and is chased by Sanjay who chases him but the detective is hit by a bus and Sanjay starts to chase Sunita, knowing that in 15 minutes he will have forgotten she hides in a shopping and when Sanjay come in to the shops she pretends she is his friend and escapes.
Sunita then goes to Ghajini's house and tells him all about Sanjay and his plan to murder him also that he can only remember 15 minutes at a time, Ghajini and his men stake out Sanjay's flat while, Sanjay is hiding in Ghajini's house. The phone rings and Sanjay picks it up, Sunita remembering that Sanjay has her pictures tells Sanjay who she thinks is Ghajini to not let the police find the photo. Sanjay finds the photo in his pocket and tracks down Sunita's student accommodation, Sunita manages to trap Sanjay in the lift and the Police arrive and arrest him using force.
At the Police station having no others leads on Sanjay's identity they start dialling the numbers tattooed on Sanjay, one of the numbers is Ghajini's, learning that Sanjay is under arrest Ghajini visits Sanjay telling the Police they are friends. Sanjay's Doctor, Manager and Secretary arrive and take him back home, Ghajini arrives that night while Sanjay is asleep that destroy his notes, photos and maps and using Sanjay's tattoo machine they tattoo over all of Sanjay's tattoos meaning that he now has no idea about his past.

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